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"Sparkle & Shine Every Time!"

Our Promise

Our absolute promise to our customers at A&P Cleaning is to be a reliable, honest, and trustworthy service. With the economy in the state that it is right now, we guarantee to price our services at a level that will not break your business account. Over the past few years we have changed our pricing due to the economy. We do not believe that business should go without a Janitorial service just because business has slowed. We offer several different cleaning services and packages. We modify our service to fit you. We would never want a business to pay for a service they do not need. Perhaps trash is your biggest concern for your office. We have a service to fit that. Perhaps you don’t need your office cleaned every week, but you need the floors cleaned. We have a service to fit that also. Give us a call. We will work out a plan that you are happy with.